Nozzle Forward

May 1-2, 2017. CLASS IS CURRENTLY FULL. We have created a wait-list and may add an additional Nozzle Forward class.The one thing that every fire department in the country has is fire hose. The one event that happens on every single fire is a hose-line gets pulled and water gets flowed. The Nozzle Forward is a class for engine company crews. It is not a collection of technique; it is an adaptable system of hose line management and fire attack. It is focused around fighting fire, interior offensive firefighting, aggressive firefighting, for which we will never apologize. Aggressive firefighting is not the problem, it is the solution.

The class answers the “whys,” not just the “what’s,” and quickly creates a system that can be adapted to fit any engine company from the urban to the rural.
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Managing Fire in 2 1/2 Story Wood Frame Dwellings

May 20, 2017 at the Edgartown Fire Department

Presented by: Chief Kenneth Galligan, retired, Brockton Fire Department. Utilizing his 40+ years of experience responding to and operating at structural fires.

This program will stress the importance of proper hose line selection, water supply, anticipating the path of fire spread, tactics and strategy for a 2 1/2 story wood from dwelling. This program will be 3 hours in length and will be followed by a 1 hour discussion on water supply.
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An Open Conversation with Deputy Chief John Sullivan

May 3, 2017. Deputy Chief John Sullivan has been on the Worcester Fire Department for 28 years, advancing through the ranks to the current position of Deputy Chief of Operations. Deputy Chief Sullivan has received an Associates degree and Bachelors degree in Fire Science and a Masters degree in Public Administration. He is a National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer graduate and a designated Chief Fire Officer by the Institute of Fire Engineers, United States Branch. He also serves on the Editorial Board as a contributing editor of FireRescue magazine and has consulted on several projects with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.
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