Structural Burn Scenarios

The following training scenarios for live fire evolutions are available for selection and use by your department based on the goals of your training day.

Please review the burn scenarios provided here and then select the scenarios which best suit the training needs of your department.

All Structural Fire Burn Scenarios presented here are designed in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association Standard NFPA 1403 – Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions, 2018 edition as the basis for your safety during your fire training experience at the Barnstable County Fire & Rescue Training Academy (BCFRTA).

The scenarios vary in “degree of difficulty/challenge” not due to the size of the fires but rather by the techniques necessary to complete each scenario in the safest and most effective manner.

The scenarios are designed to teach and improve/refresh basic firefighting skills from single room fires below grade though multiple fires on multiple stories.  Each scenario has teaching objectives and instructor notes included for additional reference and information for your fire service personnel.

Please select the scenarios that you plan to utilize during your training day and submit this selection page as part of your pre-burn plan package.  This will ensure that you have sufficient firefighting forces to successfully conduct and safely complete the evolutions and that BCFRTA will have the necessary personnel and equipment (as needed) to provide your department with a quality training experience.

Please also complete the staffing and equipment menus so that appropriate staff are in place and necessary equipment (both your and ours) is available to make your training day successful. These forms should also be submitted with your pre-burn package.

Each scenario plan includes:

  • fire location
  • fuel load and type
  • teaching objectives
  • notes section for additional information
  • instructor notes for key points of emphasis with firefighters
  • fire locations with additional information regarding building access
  • emergency exit & entrance information
  • floor plans for all levels with fire locations indicated
  • minimum staffing of three (3) person firefighting companies required for each operational unit in the evolution

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