Structural Burn Scenarios

Please also complete the following staffing and equipment menus so that appropriate staff are in place and necessary equipment (both your and ours) is available to make your training day successful. These forms should also be submitted with your pre-burn package.


When planning your staffing needs for the day, required manning will be:

  • Attack Line # 1 – minimum of three (3) personnel
  • Attack Line # 2 – minimum of three (3) personnel
  • Attack Line # 3 – minimum of three (3) personnel (if needed – scenario dependent)
  • RIT/RIC – back-up line – minimum of three (3) personnel (REQUIRED)
  • Ladder Company – minimum of three (3) personnel (if utilized/desired)
  • Rescue Company – minimum of three (3) personnel (if utilized/desired)


If your department is supplying engines, a minimum of two (2) engines are needed for all live fire evolutions.  BCFRTA can supply up to two (2) engines with operators as needed.

  • One engine will be supplied by a hydrant on site and should be capable of supplying up to three (3) – 1 3/4” handlines
  • One engine, not supplied by hydrant water, must have a tank (minimum of 500 gallons capacity) to supply a charged 1 3/4” handline which services as the backup line and secondary water source in the event of loss of primary water supply
  • All local engines must flush their tank water and refill the tank prior to arriving on site (REQUIRED)
  • Each 1 3/4” hand line should be a minimum of 200 foot in length in order to complete all planned scenarios